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WMVA Junior Volleyball Calendar 2017 -18 (Inter Regional & Juvoto / Juvolle)


Events in the West Mids Region


Listed Below are dates for Inter Regional Training , JuVoTo and JUVOLLE.

Inter Regional Training Camps
All dates at Dudley Evolve unless otherwise indicated
07-Oct West Mids Training U15 (Evolve 10-1) 
25-Nov West Mids Training U15 (Evolve 10-1) 
16-Dec West Mids Training U15 (Evolve 10-1) 
West Mids Training
U15 - Boys 10-1, Girls 1-4
U17 - Girls 10-1, Boys 1-4
West Mids Training
U15/U17 - Boys 10-1,
U15/U17 - Girls 1-4
03-Mar - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS West Mids Training - U15 only (Evolve 10-1)
10-Mar West Mids Training - U17 only (Evolve 10-1)
14-Apr - Rearranged session West Mids Training - U15 only (Evolve 12-3)
West Mids Training U15/U17* - Girls 10-1, Boys 1-4

*Boys U17 at Redhill School

19-May West Mids Training U15/U17 - Girls 10-1, Boys 1-4
26-May West Mids IRC - Kettering
27-May West Mids IRC - Kettering
28-May West Mids IRC - Kettering
JuVoTo and JUVOLLE Dates
JuVoTo - U14s mixed teams, 4 a side on badminton courts
JUVOLLE - U16 boys and girls teams, full court.
16-Sep JuVoTo (Redhill 2-5pm)
21-Oct JuVoTo (Cleobruy 2-5pm)
04-Nov JuVoTo (Redhill 2-5pm)
09-Dec JuVoTo/JUVOLLE(St Peters 1-4)
27-Jan JuVoTo (Redhill 2-5pm)
24-Feb JuVoTo (Cleobury 1-4pm)
21-Apr JuVoTo (Redhill 2-5pm)
23-Sep JUVOLLE (Kings 1-4pm)
14-Oct JUVOLLE (Kings 1-4pm)
18-Nov JUVOLLE (Kings 1-4pm)
09-Dec JuVoTo/JUVOLLE (St Peters 1-4)


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